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Looking for a cliff-hanger you can’t put down? A weighty reference volume to dip in and out of? Do you want to re-read the classics? Research a particular subject area? Does your child want another book by their favourite author? No matter what type of bookworm you are, there are plenty of choice specimens to satisfy all partialities.

Membership Details

New Members:

Individual 6-month membership – 200RMB
Individual 1-year membership – 300RMB
Family 1-year membership – 500RMB

Membership Extensions:

Individual 6-month membership – 150RMB
Individual 1-year membership – 250RMB
Family 1-year membership – 500RMB

Borrowing Terms:

Individual members – Two books for up to two weeks
Family members – Up to six books for two weeks

** Please return your books promptly, as there are likely to be others waiting.**

Books Categories

We have over 16,000 books on our shelves and are always getting new books in so the best way to keep abreast is to browse here regularly! Here is a small selection of our book sections:


A mixture of coffee table books, art criticism, and art history, including many titles from the Thames and Hudson "World of Art" series.

Biography and Autobiography

Some from our selection include: Living History, by Hillary Rodham Clinton, My Life by Richard Wagner, Charles Chaplin - My Autobiography, Einstein - The Life and Times by Clark. Other people covered include; MarilyN Monroe, Sir Francis Drake, Winston Churchill, Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher, Philip Larkin, Elvis and Charles Dickens. We have the complete shelves of biographies and autobiographies, so something to suit everyone. Politicians, historians, composers and musicians, stars and characters in society, business people, explorers, writers.


Leadership strategies, modern business concepts of Jack Welch and Dilbert, company success tales, HR and training, recruitment, making money work for you. The list is extensive and broad in subjects.


Very young to young adult on low shelves that invite chaos for little readers!

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Fiction by Chinese authors translated into English, plus fiction set in China by foreign authors, Chinese history, politics, and society, poetry and plays, books on Chinese art and ceramics, travel tales in China.

Current Affairs

Our current affairs shelves also house our "not quite sure where else to put them" books, and the result is a wonderful collection of the strange and the mysterious as well as current goings on. They include: An Embarrassment of Tyrannies, ed. By W. L. Webb and Rose Bell, WorldHunder 12 Myths by Frances Moore Lappe, 65 Tales of the Supernatural, Fermat's Enigma by Simon Singh and Intelligent Design by William A. Dembski.


Books for beach-readers and literary snobs alike. This is our fastest growing section - literally! What do you fancy - mystery, romance, gripping thrillers, classics, modern classics, arty literature, foreign authors…? You really must come and see for yourselves, we have about 10,000 books of fiction.

Foreign language

A growing selection titles in German, French, Italian, Dutch and Russian.

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A large selection of the ever-popular Granta books of short fiction.


In this section we cover classic wars - The American Civil War by Ian Beckett, Ancient civilizations - Daily Life of the Aztecs by Jacques Soustelle, intellectually stimulating - Light from the Ancient Past, The Archeological Background of the HebREw-Christian Religion, to more recent goings on, Love and Death in Katmandu - A Strange Tale of Royal Murder by Amy Willesee. Collections include; The Second World War, by Winston Churchill, The Cambridge Modern History, and the Dupuy Military History collection.


Copies of the National Geographic dating right back to the 1960's, plus a continuous stream of weekly magazines kindly donated by members including: The Week, The Economist, The New Yorker, and many, many more. For the full selection, make sure to visit the Bookworm bathrooms.


History of music, composers and their works, world music, modern musicians and their lives. From Mozart to Bird, Haydn to Shostokovich, and the history of a variety of musical types including Kobbes' Guide to Opera and the story of Gilbert and Sullivan.

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On the Philosophy shelves you will find many of the classic thinkers including - Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Karl Marx's Capital Vol 1,2 and 3, also Francis Bacon's The Anatomy of an Enigma. More substantial reading required? Perhaps try J Stalin's Problems of Leninism. The thoughts of Laozi and introductions to Asian philosophy can also be found here.

Picture books

The Guinness Book of Records, Fishing Australia, Roads to Xanadu, Curiosities of the Plant Kingdom… National Geographic picture books of different countries, art books, and a huge collection of general interest books to browse through while enjoying a coffee.

Poetry and Plays

Shakespeare's Complete works, the poems of Philip Larkin and Tom Gunn, Victorian Female Poets, American Modern Plays, Complete works of T.S. Eliot, Gogol and Steve Martin, Ted Hughes and Dylan Thomas, Brecht, Strinberg, John Arden, Bond, Homer's Iliad, Virgil's The Aeneid, war poets such as Wilfred Own and many more.


Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other tools necessary to complete crosswords and win arguments!

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Maternity, personal development, nutrition and dieting.


Travel tales, tips for travelers, and picture books, plus Lonely Planet and other guidebooks for over 20 countries.

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Got too many books to fit on your bookshelves? We are delighted to accept donations to our library at any time! (Note: we do not--and cannot--purchase secondhand books.)

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